Source Water Protection

Risk Management Measures Catalogue

Toronto Region Conservation Ministry of Environment

Version: 7.0 - 2014-07-24

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SWP Threats and Measures

To assist SPCs on the development of policies to address drinking water threats, the Ministry provides the SPCs with this provincial risk management measures catalogue. One part of the catalogue focuses on water quality, and another that focuses on water quantity.

The catalogue provides a means for a user to determine which management measure(s) and management targets is/are suitable to effectively manage a specific threat to the quality or quantity of source water, allowing the user to take local conditions into consideration.

This catalogue was assembled to provide a tool to assist in the evaluation, selection, preparation, and implemention of a risk management measures plan to address significant water quality and quantity threats under the Clean Water Act, 2006.

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Additional Resources

  1. Glossary PDF Download pdf (0.2 mb)
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View Measures Specific to Water Quality Threats

Download the Water Quality Manual:

Quality Manual / Sep 2014   pdf (2.2 mb)

View Measures Specific to Water Quantity Threats

Download the Water Quantity Manual:

Quantity Manual / Nov 2012  pdf (1.8 mb)