Last Refresh: 2019-09-18 5:37:07 AM
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Current River Levels:
IDStationLast MeasurementStage (m)* Normal1 Hr Trend
ABLACK CR AT HWY 4012019-09-18 5:15:00 AM121.389121.4
BBLACK CREEK AT ALLIANCE2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM99.64399.4
CBOLTON MCFALL DAM2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM212.756212.6
DBRUCE CREEK AT UNIONVILLE2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM168.779168.5
ECLAIREVILLE DAM2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM163.155163.1
FDON AT KNIGHTSWOOD2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM117.863118
GDON AT TODMORDEN2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM77.56977.6
HDUNDAS2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM75.28974.9
IEAST DON AT YORK MILLS2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM118.023118
JETOBICOKE CR AT BRAMPTON2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM210.175210
KG ROSS LORD DAM2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM172.364171.9
LHUMBER AT OLD MILL2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM75.282171.9
MKROSNO CR2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM75.48475.5
NLITTLE ETOBICOKE2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM122.295122
OMILNE DAM2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM166.957167
PPALGRAVE DAM2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM273.62167
QSPRING CREEK N2019-09-18 5:30:00 AM209.503209.5
RSTOUFFVILLE DAM2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM273.101272.4
STAYLOR CREEK SOUTH2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM89.45689.4
TWEST DON AT STEELES2019-09-18 5:15:00 AM178.316178.5
UWEST HUMBER AT HWY 72019-09-18 5:30:00 AM166.909166.9
* Normal represents September average for period of record
** Todmorden Water Levels converted to Canadian Geodetic. Conversion Factor = 65.437 m

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